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    • Thank you for stopping by Go Epicurista! I hope these tips will help you. Definitely Nourish Bowls have made it so much easier to be a foodie and stay healthy.

    • Yes! I find us food bloggers can stick together and help each other out sharing our struggles and our successes! Nourish Bowls are now part of my grocery shopping staples. They are great!

  1. Great tips Christina! I agree 100 percent! Keeping calories in check is challenge for me too I need to taste everything before it’s served. If it is good, sometimes it gets “tasted” again!

    • Oh yeah! I often taste again and again! That’s the fun part of cooking and eating out! But keeping calories in check is doable, especially when you have easy alternatives like Nourish Bowls.

    • Thanks for checking out my tips! It is definitely a struggle but it doesn’t have to be as bad when we have great easy and tasty healthy products like Nourish Bowls.

  2. I love your tips!!! I definitely need to plan better—when I don’t have a well rounded meal, I tend to finish it off with cookies. Lots of cookies!!! Thanks for the needed guidance!!!

    • Oh yes! The first thing I reach for is ice cream! I hear ya! Thanks so much for checking out my tips. I hope they help you continue to indulge in your favorites and stay healthy. Cheers!

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